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About KapelKal

Embodying a production philosophy of  "utility through design", we at Kapelkal believe the only right way is the customer's way and we endeavor to prove and improve this with every request.
We offer two products lines consisting of production products and special requirements.
Our production products include: various beds, treatment tables and chairs in different materials to meet your individual needs; physiotherapy, gynecology, urology, dermatology, clinic, laboratory, cosmetician, in home, care centers, senior care centers, examination, operations, veterinary, portable folding beds as well as other complimentary furniture for the above. This extends to waiting room and office furniture, trolleys, partitions, mattresses for all types of massage and physiotherapy treatments, cushions, and an inclusive line of physiotherapy equipment.

Our special requirements are designed to meet your specific needs.

If your current or future needs encompass our product line, Kapelkal would like the opportunity to be considered as your supplier.

At Kapelkal you can be assured of the highest quality, competitive prices, caring and attentive service.

Kapel Kal Ltd. 1 Nahal Poleg St. Northern Industrial Area, Yavne, Israel Tel: +972-89333034 Fax: +972-89333035 | E-mail: Edna@kapelkal.com